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About Marian

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Marian is a beautiful human being on the inside and outside. She has a happy and positive spirit which is infectious and brings light and joy into our home everyday. She is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done; she is such a dedicated person I know that she will be a wonderful mother, never complaining or becoming overwhelmed. I consider being married to her as the biggest blessing in my life; we make an awesome team.



Marian has a big heart. She volunteered at various shelters growing up and went on a mission trip to Cambodia in college which was life-changing. She loves to cook and has been known to bring in cookies and ranch pretzels for her co-workers to snack on just because. She treasures her friends and family and especially loves getting together with her nephews and nieces because it reminds her to enjoy the little things. Marian can’t wait to pass on some of the traditions she shared with her mom, who was an amazing stay at home mom, once her family has expanded.


Marian does not use the snooze function of her alarm clock, she simply rises when it is time. Whether she is rising out of bed or rising to meet the challenges of life, she has no problem stepping up and doing what it takes to get the job done.


She is the youngest child in her family, having two older brothers, Marian has always been a bit of a goofball. As the baby-girl in her family she would sing and dance and joke around, and she has maintained that happy care-free attitude into her adult life.

Hard Working

Marian has worked at Amazon.com for 8 years. She has been on the Shoes and Toys team as a buyer and is currently on the Camera team as a marketing manager. She learned her work ethic from her parents who made the sacrifice to immigrate from Taiwan more than 40 years ago with not much more than a dream of a better life for their family. She has been extremely fortunate to have a rewarding career but being at home with her children is extremely important to her and she will be taking on the new job of stay-at-home mom once she has children.

About Judah

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Judah has been my best friend for over ten years and there is no one I would rather spend time with than him. My life is infinitely better with him whether we are watching a movie at home or out exploring a new country. He is fiercely loyal and always strives to do the right thing whether big or small. Whenever I see him with our nephews and nieces my heart melts and I can’t wait to raise a family with him.



Judah has been working with computers since he was young; he loves all things related to science and technology. Things like home automation, home theaters, building computers, computer programming, gadgets, and video games. He has been employed as a Software Developer for most of his career. He even built this website!


Judah has always been interested in learning more about the world in which we live in. He is constantly delving into topics which interest him with the desire to understand them in a fundamental way. He graduated at the top of his class in high school, and received his Bachelor's in Information Systems from the University of Washington. He has been described by friends as "intelligent", but he knows enough to know that he has a lot more to learn.

Hard Working

Ever since he was 14 years old Judah has been employed, and he had to support himself 100% from when he turned 18 years old until he turned 27 and married Marian. He has held jobs as a custodian and telefundraiser before ultimately getting his degree. He comes from a very poor upbringing and understands what it means to pull yourself up from your bootstraps. He is happy to live a comfortable life now, but he never loses sight of the hard work and dedication it took to get to this point.


Judah is the big brother to 7 younger siblings (3 brothers and 4 sisters), ranging in age from 36 to 19 years old. His youngest brother passed away in 2006 at the age of 14 and his mother passed away in 2012 at the age of 60. As the oldest he has always been part of his siblings lives, watching them grow and helping them out. He always strives to be a good example to them, and it gives him great joy when he sees them be successful in their lives.

About Us

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Our story began in the fall of 2001 when Judah went to a housewarming party thrown by his sister and her five roommates, one of them which happened to be Marian. Although our paths crossed briefly that night we didn’t meet again and go on our first date until 7 months later when the timing was right. After a few months of dating and experiencing some key milestones such as our first vacation together and Judah buying his first house we knew we had something special and made plans for our future. In March of 2005 we were married and enjoyed an incredible honeymoon in Malta before settling in to married life. Married life was and continues to be the greatest adventure.

We settled into a warm and spacious home in Kenmore, a suburb of Seattle, four years ago. It is located on the north end of Lake Washington and is an ideal place to raise a family for many reasons. It is part of the Northshore School District which is one of the top ranked school districts in the state. Kenmore has a very low crime rate and has many beautiful parks and is located on the Burke Gilman, a popular walking and biking trail. We were both born and raised in the Seattle area and can’t imagine raising a family anywhere else.

We work hard during the week but on the weekends enjoy getting together with family and friends, relaxing by watching movies or trying new restaurants. Seattle is incredibly beautiful in the summer and when summer finally arrives we love to head into nature to enjoy hiking and camping. We try and travel somewhere new once or twice a year. Last year we went with Marian’s family to Puerto Vallarta and in the fall we road tripped to Jasper and Banff National Park which was the most beautiful drive that either of us have ever taken. This year we spent more than 24 hours getting to Thailand, a place high on our list to travel to for a while now. We love traveling together and Marian’s activity spreadsheets are a good balance to Judah’s navigational skills.

We decided to wait a few years before trying to start a family so we could enjoy being newlyweds and make sure we were financially secure enough to provide the best life possible for our children. God had different plans though and after struggling with infertility for over four years including a failed IVF attempt we decided to grow our family through adoption. Although the journey to become parents has taken longer and been more difficult than we expected we are so excited and hopeful for the future. Your child will be blessed with a stable home and raised to be respectful, kind and loving. We will cultivate whatever dreams they pursue and support all their endeavors.


Photo Gallery

There is an angel glacier over our shoulder
A rare picture of all of Judah's siblings together, at a wedding in 2006.
Celebrating Judah's niece's third birthday
Celebrating the holidays with friends. Marian has known some of these ladies for more than 15 years!
We woke up at the crack of dawn (hence the sleepy faces) to watch hundreds of hot air balloons take flight in Reno
Enjoying Morraine Lake in Banff National Park before the rainstorm hit
Celebrating our beloved Seahawks first Superbowl win!
Exploring one of the many temples in Bangkok
Sharing a delicious meal with friends in Seattle's International District
Marian's family on one of our vacations to Japan together. Since this picture 3 more boys have been added to the clan!
One last dry photo of us before our Class 3 white water rafting trip in Costa Rica
Summer date night in Volunteer Park, Seattle
Capturing the breathtaking view on one of our favorite hikes, not far from our home.
Group picture after a close game of Bocce Ball in Lake Chelan
Posing with Dubs, our alma mater's mascot, at Judah's holiday party two years ago
Bison photobombing us at Yellowstone National Park
Road trip to a very dog friendly, Canon Beach. Our pup, Molly, had a blast chasing the birds.
Girls weekend trip in Long Beach, CA


Our Info

Our Adoption Attorney

We cannot imagine what you are going through but we are grateful that you have taken the time to visit our site and learn more about us as people, who we are, and our desire to grow our family through adoption. Becoming parents is the most important job we will ever take on and we promise to love your child unconditionally and raise them to be kind and compassionate. They will know early on what a gift they were to our family and the courageous decision you made on their behalf.

If you, or someone you know, is considering adoption as a choice for their child please get in contact with us. We are looking forward to meeting with you.

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